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Stereo Speaker Review

When we picked up the Stereo Speaker, we had to get our shortest team member to test it out, just to make sure that it did what it promised. The 19” frame size was the perfect fit for a smaller rider, and we were incredibly pleased by the feel of the bike.

It is made out of hi tension steel with a Stereo alloy wheelclamp. The stork is a Stereo Mono high tension tapered-head fork and the handlebars were a great fit for our rider as well. They came in at 7.5” and had some really great Stereo grips that made handling a charm on rougher tracks.

The seat was one of the crowning features of the bike – a Stereo “Mexican Serape” saddle that was made out of an actual Mexican serape blanket with mid-level padding and a gorgeous custom Pyramid logo by Stereo. The seatpost was aluminum alloy that was 200mm.

We also loved that the bike didn’t weigh all that much. It meant that our rider could dismount and carry the bike upstairs or heft it onto a bike rack for transport with no trouble at all. However, this tended to interfere with the range of stunts that the bike could perform.

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  • Cheap
  • Made for smaller riders
  • Comfortable seating
  • Sturdy frame
  • Great control

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  • Caters to a specific niche
  • Lower range of stunt options
  • Lightweight


The Verdict

A bike that makes it possible for shorter, smaller riders to actually feel the same exhilaration of a professional BMX rider without spending too much money.

Overall, the Stereo Speaker bikes was a joy to review, and our rider was sorry to see it go at the end of the review. We loved having it, and although it had its shortcomings, the comfort of the seat, the sturdiness of the frame and the rest of the features made it very worth our while.

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