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Specialized Riprock Review

Specialized Riprock are mountain bikes for kids. These bikes are very safe and stable so parents have little to worry about. Riprock bikes are overall highly suited for getting kids to bike. The Riprock model contains several bikes, and all support fat tires to provide additional traction to the bike. Riprock Coaster 12 model support extra fat tires for little ones who are not used to biking. We asked several little mountain bikers to test this model and this review is written based on their feedback.

These bikes are quite incredibly lightweight, even for kids’ bikes. Several of our little riders commented on how light these bikes felt compared to other mountain bikes they have tried. The tires, as mentioned above, are big, which the riders liked. They can be as wide as 2.8 inches. For riders who are just getting off training wheels, the fat wheelsets provided assurance. The fat wheels make the bikes feel stable so the little rider can cycle confidently.

The bikes come with 8 power speeds on lower models and 10 speeds on higher prices models. These speed modes make going uphill and downhill easy for the little ones. The bike frames are also marvelously designed. The models come with really low standovers, so even very small kids can hop on and ride. The frame is still big enough so a kid won’t outgrow the model too fast.

The bikes come with disc brakes that are very reliable. The wheels can handle numerous terrain, and can lock when going uphill. Overall, it’s really great, except for the price. The lowest models are affordable, but it can still cost too much for families.


  • Fat wheels
  • Low standovers
  • Tackle any terrain kids want to ride on
  • Reliable brakes
  • Wheels lock when going uphill


  • Can be very expensive

The Verdict

Specialized RipRock is a unique type of mountain bike model for kids. These bikes are fun and comfortable to ride. They have really fat tires that offer stability, and are lightweight enough to be fun for kids. Reliable brakes make these bikes ideal for worried parents as well.

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