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Are you looking for a quality bike to help you maneuver some of those trickier trails? If so, the Specialized Pitch will make for an excellent companion. The frame is made of aluminum and the bike weighs about kilos. The Pitch is a moderately priced mountain bike.

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Specialized Pitch 650B 2020
Specialized Pitch 650B 2020
Specialized Pitch Expert 650B 2020
Specialized Pitch Expert 650B 2020
Specialized Pitch Comp 650B 2020
Specialized Pitch Comp 650B 2020
Specialized Pitch Sport 650B 2020
Specialized Pitch Sport 650B 2020
Specialized Pitch Comp 2019
Specialized Pitch Comp 2019
$575 $485
You save 16%
Specialized Pitch Sport 650B 2019 Black Green
Specialized Pitch Sport 650B 2019 Black Green
$500 $393
You save 21%
Specialized Pitch Expert 2019
Specialized Pitch Expert 2019
$630 $524
You save 17%

Specialized Pitch Review

The Specialized Pitch is the little mountain bike that could. Since it came from Specialized, we had high hopes for this bike. Due to the forgiving price tag, however, we were a little unsure.

First off, the Pitch looks really great. You will never be able to tell just how little you paid for it. The design and the overall geometry of the bike is really top notch. We could not wait to get started. From the moment that we set off, you could see a smile tugging at our faces. This was definitely the bike that you wanted to hit rugged terrain with. We pushed the Pitch and it responded admirably.

Regardless of what we threw at it, the Pitch took it all in stride. This bike is both well balanced and responsive. This means that when things get a little hairy, the Pitch does not abandon its course. Furthermore, you can pull away with just a moment’s notice and the bike will respond beautifully.

The Pitch was a little bit on the heavy side so we were wondering just how well it would do uphill. Thankfully, we did not have to break a sweat. With just a little bit of an effort, the Pitch had us up that hill in no time at all.

Another nice thing about the Pitch is that it is quite comfortable. This is always a relief with a mountain bike. Even after heading to some pretty rough terrain we were none the worse for wear. We felt as though we could ride for hours.

Therefore, we were able to easily conclude that this is a really good mountain bike. It is made all the more alluring with its affordable pricing. All in all, this is a good bike to have around.


  • Moderately priced
  • Good frame
  • Great going uphill
  • Good handling
  • Durable
  • Comfortable


  • Pedals
  • Chainset

The Verdict

The Specialized Pitch performs beautifully, regardless of the terrain that it comes up against.

The Specialized Pitch is an affordable option, particularly if you like heading to rougher terrain. It offers up a thrilling and comfortable ride.

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