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Specialized Hellga Review

Specialized Hellga is a bike model designed for snow biking. These bikes come in three models, and all are priced very affordably. These are “fat” bikes that have wheelsets intended for wide tires to tackle snowy terrain. Even out of the winter season, these bikes are great for commuting and leisurely riding. We tested several Hellga’s on snowy terrain, so read the rest of the review to find out how each fared.

Overall, we were impressed by the stability these bikes provided. These models came with tapered head tubes and post mount disc dropouts that were forged. The alloy frames are lightweight, and thanks to the design choices are very stable too. The tires that came with the model provided excellent traction as well, especially on snow-covered roads (we don’t recommend riding these bikes on frosty terrain). The alloy frame also had air-formed legs. This provides even less weight compared to carbon counterparts. The Hellga Comp and Expert models come with this feature. All in all, riders get very lightweight frames that can hold out on snow.

We know that some riders prefer heavier bikes for snowy terrain. The added weight can provide extra traction. With this model, Specialized seems to be relying on tires to provide most of the traction. The lack of weight gives the rider more freedom to maneuver. This is a fat bike, so you can upgrade with special snow tires if needed. You will really appreciate the lack of weight during other seasons as Hellga models are great for racing on a number of terrain.

These bikes come with lower than average standovers. It’s possibly because Specialized is marketing these bikes toward women. If you are rather short, you can ride one regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. The stack size is also lower. These models come with smaller cranks too. The bikes are equipped with Myth saddles designed specially to make women comfortable.

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  • Better stability
  • Excellent traction
  • Intended for snow biking
  • Fat bike model with wider tires

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  • Not for riding in frost
  • Very lightweight for a winter bike model


The Verdict

We found the Specialized Hellga bike models to be highly stable and very suitable for wintertime biking. These models are intended for women, so women will definitely find better comfort. There are not many fat bikes for women, so this model further stands out. Out of the winter season, these bikes are great for dirt road riding as well.

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