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The entry level and midrange Specialized Fatboy bikes seem to be better geared for beginner riders than for more experienced and regular riders. The stock brakes and componentry are average, and the wheelsets are not optimal, but these bikes will serve you well in the winter.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Specialized Fatboy 24 2017 Mountain Bike | Yellow - 24 Inch wheel
Specialized Fatboy 24 2017 Mountain Bike | Yellow - 24 Inch wheel
$800 $1,085

Specialized Fatboy Review

For decades, Specialized has been a well loved and trusted brand, sponsoring mountain bike riders and triathletes from all over the world. The Specialized Fatboy bikes are designed to give you an easier ride through the snowy trails, and they mostly deliver.

We liked the look of these bikes and the very retro logo on the tapered head tube. We tried the bikes on a frosty morning and they had a lot to offer. Even on snow, you could pick up some speed with the decent gearing, and long, steep ascents were no trouble. On really rough terrain though, the 26 inch wheelset was a bit on the bumpier side, and lacked the ideal traction.

The Fatboys come with SRAM-heavy componentry, more or less average, but the stock brakes could have been better. Considering this is one of the more affordable fat bike ranges, it might do well for casual riders. The series has some great kids’ models too.

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  • Average specs
  • Sturdy frames
  • Fast, even on ascents
  • Takes some long and steep ascents easily
  • Affordable

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  • Mediocre brakes
  • Bumpy on rough terrain
  • Lack of traction on heavy-duty trails


The Verdict

If you’re looking for an affordable fat bike with average specs, then this isn’t a bad buy, but it may be best for kids and occasional casual rides.

These bikes certainly look good, and if you need to ride out on a wintery day, the Specialized Fatboy bikes will certainly serve the purpose. Though there have been better fat bikes from this company, the Fatboy does alright.

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