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Specialized Enduro is a totally revamped designed of this beloved brand. Bikes of this model offer highly navigational capabilities and extra comfort. While these bikes may look like any other, they are anything but. This model is ideal for those who are willing to spend some money on a bike that offers superior specs.

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Specialized Enduro Expert Carbon 2020
Specialized Enduro Expert Carbon 2020
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Specialized Enduro Comp Carbon 2020
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Specialized Enduro Elite Carbon 2020

Specialized Enduro Review

Do not let the looks fool you. Specialized Enduro is not like Tarmac or anything else offered by this brand. Though the overall design looks familiar, it’s been heavily upgraded. Some upgrades we have seen on other Specialized bikes, but when we took this model out for a review, we realized that those upgrades work better on this model.

The biggest upgrade anyone would notice is the S.W.A.T. Door, first seen on Specialized Stumpjumper. It’s essentially a hatch to the storage space inside the down tube. This is one of the most ingenious storage space ideas we have seen on any sports utility bike. We could hold a tire pump, shock pump, spare tube, a patch kit and even clothes inside this space.

A feature like the S.W.A.T. Door can be very useful for long trips outside the city. But how about the navigation? We are pleased to say that this model can climb well and come down well. Plus, it rode much better than we expected on challenging roads. It can easily ride on a surface with versatile elevation levels without being uncomfortable.

While the speeds offered, weight and even the price, is great, there’s one big con: the front wheel. Controlling the front wheel downhill can be a challenge thanks to the seat tube angle. The seat tube angle is the 76 degrees. which you may notice is steeper than on other models. That did create some problems for us, but not many.


  • Great features
  • Reasonable price
  • Excellent riding
  • Revamped design


  • Steeper seat tube angle that can make controlling the front wheel difficult

The Verdict

We are not ashamed to say that we loved this model. It’s an excellent mid-range sports with great features.

If you are used to older models, you can definitely benefit from the new features this model offers. Plus, if you require higher storage space, Specialized Enduro has it.

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