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Specialized Camber Review

The frame of the Specialized Camber is relatively stretched compared to the other 29” bikes out there. The front end sticks out a lot more because of the slacker head angle. The curved seat tube is an added bit of awesome, and the rear of the frame is actually shorter than you might thing.

The fork of this bike is a RockShox Revelation RC3 Solo Air model, and it does quite a tidy bit of work in making sure that the ride is damped well. The Roval wheels are a beautiful perk of the bike and the wide bar is perfect for control over the rougher rides.

Cycling downhill over rough trails is now a breeze with the amazing suspension system and the flexibility of the frame contribute to making this bike an absolute pleasure on the rougher, harsher trails. In fact, it is one of the most durable out there – we were able to survive 6ft drops without any damage or creaking!


  • Nice slack frame with curved seat tube
  • Shorter rear end
  • Great fork
  • Wheels are very nice indeed
  • Downhill riding is awesome


  • Alloy model doesn’t have auto lockout on the shocks

The Verdict

The Specialized Camber is a very useful cyclocross bike that has the ability to make you happy no matter what you are using it for. A true top performer in its class.

We had the best ride ever on the Specialized Camber, and found the fork, frame and the gearing absolutely wonderful in satisfying all of our needs. Needless to say this is one of the better bikes that we have reviewed!

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