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Sensa Sella Review

One of the main things we noticed about the Sensa Sella was that it is made purely for the entry level. The bike is one for an absolute beginner, from its design to its fit, and is made for a very specific type of biking.

Cross country racing is what it is meant to be used for, so that is what we decided to try it out, by trying out a long distance ride as well as a short, fast sprint. The bike was available in two different sizes for different heights of riders, so we had no problem finding the right fit for our team of reviewers.

We realized early on that the bike was made for mixed terrains. There is a great aluminum frame on the bike which is lightweight but incredibly sturdy, along with a very firm feel when riding it. While the bike in general isn’t the lightest out there, it is perfect for the not-too-taxing demands that the typical cyclist or commuter will have for it.

Providing both comfort and durability paired with great brakes, a powerful fork and good tires, the Sella is definitely one to take a look at.

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  • Great design
  • Made for beginners
  • Two different size options
  • Aesthetically great
  • Comfortable ride
  • Not too lightweight
  • Feels very firm

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  • Not that great for more passionate cyclists


The Verdict

One of the best entry level mixed terrain cross country bikes out there that is made for beginners and is priced very competitively indeed.

The Sensa Sella was great to review although we did feel like we had to lessen our own skills to make sure that we didn’t ask too much of it. However, from the comfort to the great equipment and the smooth handling, we actually did enjoy this bike!

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