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Sensa Livigno Review

We would have dismissed the gorgeous Sensa Livigno as a budget bike that wasn’t worth our time. However, we took the chance and reviewed it, and were surprised beyond our wildest dreams! Sensa has managed to create a bike that looks and feels like a vintage racer, and is available at an incredibly decent price.

The frame of the Livigno was a very lightweight one indeed, made out of 6061 aluminums that is usually found in higher end bikes, but it didn’t feel in the least bit overly flexible. Instead, it was actually pretty firm. The top tubes were also very straight. While the cabling was a little disorganized, it looked really great overall.

We loved that the company had the foresight to add a water bottle mount to the bottom tube as well. The components used are great too, with Shimano brakes and gearing working well with the other Livigno systems. The tires were Smart Sams by Schwalbe. Overall, the bike weighed about 12kg and came in a variety of sizes for different riders.

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  • Range of options available
  • Decent pricing
  • Feels vintage
  • Looks great
  • Lightweight frame
  • Sturdy, firm design
  • Good components

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  • Cables felt a little messy


The Verdict

A budget bike made for a more discerning audience, this one is capable of looking and feeling a lot better than it is supposed to – not a bad thing!

We really enjoyed reviewing the Sensa Livigno and we absolutely can’t wait to sample what else the company has in store for us in the near future! From the tires to the brakes, components and the feel of the bike, this is one worth talking about!

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