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Sensa Fiori Review

The Sensa Fiori is certainly a fast range of bikes, with 29ers for racing the wind. The Dutch cycle manufacturer, Sensa, has been around for nearly thirty years now, so we were anticipating having a chance to review them.

The nice, lightweight carbon fiber frames and big tires make for some excellent fast rides. And the design and geometry are gorgeous to say the least. But when we checked out some rougher trails, the Fiori bikes did not do so well. The fork lacks enough stiffness, and the Shimano componentry could have been better for this price tag. The tires also spin out a little on sharp turns.

We did like these hardtails overall, but it seems they do best on milder trails. That is rather a let down given some of Sensa’s other ranges at similar prices. The more skilled cyclists, however, can work some magic with these bikes, despite the less than ideal equipment.

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  • Lightweight carbon fiber
  • Good on most trails
  • Will work well for highly skilled cyclists
  • Amazing speeds with 29ers
  • Beautiful design and choice geometry

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  • Can’t handle the rougher mountain trails too well
  • Wheels slide out at sharper corners
  • Flex fork
  • Componentry could have been better for the price


The Verdict

A decent choice of hardtail for midrange prices and skilled cross country riders, offering up some great speeds and stellar looks.

If your priority specifications are lightness and speed, then the Sensa Fiori range is a good choice of cross country and trail bikes at this price range. What you are really paying for is not so much componentry but rather the carbon fiber and bigger, speedier wheels. You can expect some good performance overall if you are a highly skilled rider.

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