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The Scott Spark is a budget bike that has some pretty great features. However, it isn’t a low-end spec by any means. Scott has a history of making great bikes, and the Spark looks like it belongs on that list without a doubt. This is a bike you are bound to love.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Scott Spark 960 2017 41
Scott Spark 960 2017 41
$1,999 $1,819
You save 9%
Scott Spark 945 2017 49 black anthracite green
Scott Spark 945 2017 49 black anthracite green
You save 9%
Scott Spark 930 2018
Scott Spark 930 2018
You save 9%
Scott E-Spark 730 2018 anthracite black orange
Scott E-Spark 730 2018 anthracite black orange
$4,299 $4,905

Scott Spark Review

The Scott Spark makes use of a Spark 760 proprietary suspension system on the gorgeous frame. If nothing else, the bike looks good. We found that the almost sci-fi themed bike looked really great aesthetically, and we hoped that it would be just as good on the trails.

However, we didn’t really enjoy the ride nearly as much. The suspension was great – a dual lockout suspension system that was able to switch between different types of travel and damping with the flick of an easily accessible shifter.

The problem with this is that the cost of integrating this system resulted in the fork and other components suffering from cost cutting measures. The wheels, for example, were pretty old school. They had skewers and spokes like far older bikes.

Even worse, the shifters were 3×9 Alivio systems with an Octalink BB spindle, all of which are pretty much relics of the past. Overall, this bike felt a little on the heavy side, although it had been tuned quite well. It didn’t perform nearly as well as we expected it to.
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  • Great aesthetic design
  • Nice suspension system
  • Has character, albeit only on occasion.

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  • Too much cost-cutting
  • Lack of ride quality


The Verdict

The Scott Spark is a very nice bike for anyone just starting out in offroad cycling. Made for descents and climbs, it feels like it could have been a marvelous ride, a while ago.

We really had a lot to complain about with the Scott Spark, but it did have moments where it shone. That is the essence of this bike – one that shines bright when it can but is usually dull and better to look at than to ride.

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