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The mid to high range Scott Scale hardtail mountain bikes certainly come with some spectacular specs and equally spectacular performance. This range has models with superlight custom butted aluminum or carbon frames, and Schwalbe, Shimano, and SRAM componentry. Though the top of the line models won’t come cheap, they will certainly will deliver.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Scott Contessa Scale 740 2017 White Purple
Scott Contessa Scale 740 2017 White Purple
$659 $676
Scott Scale 950 2017
Scott Scale 950 2017

Scott Scale Review

We really enjoyed getting to review the Scott Scale bike range, especially the top models, which offered some wild speeds and specs. It makes sense that the Swiss sports equipment manufacturer came up with yet another well-designed line of mountain bikes.

We took these MTBs up and down some nearby hills and we noticed that some of these bikes are versatile enough for cross country or road race kind of rides. The geometry is also quite reminiscent of the early XC models.

If we had to say we had a qualm with this range of MTBs is that we couldn’t get the best acceleration and handling at low speeds well less than impressive. With these minor annoyances aside, we all found these versatile bikes to be good on control, smooth riding, and overall XC performance. They definitely shine best on a descent!

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  • Old school geometry
  • Great control, particularly with top end models
  • Handles bumpy rides like a breeze
  • Wide handlebars (great for control)
  • Mostly lightweight

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  • Mediocre acceleration on low end models
  • Unimpressive handling on low speed riding


The Verdict

This is the bike range is definitely for you if you want some good performance, speed, and fun, and if you don’t mind shelling out for the midrange price tag.

There’s no denying that the Scott Scale bikes perform well, especially the higher up the model. As you can tell from our review, we definitely didn’t feel hindered by those minor annoyances. With some great componentry and frames, the Scott Scale range comes highly recommended.

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