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The Scott Gambler is one of the most adaptable bikes out there with the chainstay, bottom bracket, and head angle all being adjustable. This allows for a much more customized ride, regardless of the trail that you are riding on. This bike offers up a competitive edge while still maintaining its fun side.

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Scott Gambler 730 2019 orange green
Scott Gambler 730 2019 orange green
$3,199 $3,325
Scott Gambler 730 2019 orange green
Scott Gambler 730 2019 orange green
$3,199 $3,325

Scott Gambler Review

When Scott claims that the Gambler is competition ready, this is not an idle statement. This is the bike that champion rider Brendan Fairclough rides and clearly has a lot of success with it. The increased front length is one of the things that make this bike race ready.

We set out on the trails and were immediately taken aback by just how well this bike performed. First off, it’s got excellent grip and clings to the trail even when you are headed down the steepest of hills. Now, this did hold us back a bit but the grip does have an advantage and that is adaptability. You can ride this bike in all types of weather conditions and it is still going to hold up as well.

The Gambler is surprisingly lightweight and may even be a serious contender for some carbon frames. Due to this, the bike is quite sprightly on the trails. This also makes riding uphill a lot easier and a lot faster. This bike is quite outstanding on the more technical trails.

This is also not a bike that is going to give out on you, no matter how hard you push it. This is all thanks to the Floating Link suspension system. This cuts down on the hardware shock rotation, which in turn amps up the Gambler’s durability.

Considering how much speed you can pick up with the Gambler, it is comforting to know that the brakes work just as well. They are responsive and when partnered with these tires, are great at slowing down the bike.

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  • Durability
  • Good traction
  • Good brakes
  • Excellent geometry
  • Adjustability

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  • Expensive


The Verdict

The Scott Gambler does exactly as it promises. You get a bike that is lightweight, speedy, and yet able to handle whatever the terrain throws at it. Also, it is so adjustable that it is easy to find the setting that will suit you perfectly.

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