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If you spend a lot of time cycling around the mountains, you probably need something that works like a dream both up and down mountains. If this is what you are looking for, you have found your solution with the Santa Cruz Nomad. The Nomad is a little heavier than most at around 12 kg. It is also an expensive investment but one that we really do not mind making.

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Push ElevenSix Santa Cruz Nomad 4 Shock
Push ElevenSix Santa Cruz Nomad 4 Shock
Santa Cruz Nomad A 2019
Santa Cruz Nomad A 2019
$4,299 $4,412
Santa Cruz Nomad Al R 2019
Santa Cruz Nomad Al R 2019
Santa Cruz Nomad C R 2019
Santa Cruz Nomad C R 2019
Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon 2019
Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon 2019

Santa Cruz Nomad Review

Santa Cruz has been producing some of the best mountain bikes around for a while now. With the Nomad, however, they are looking to take things up a notch. This bike is all about providing a well-rounded experience when hitting the mountains.

One that you definitely cannot ignore about the Nomad is its killer visuals. From the moment that you set your eyes on this beauty, it is a little difficult to look away. If you like riding in style then you are certainly going to want this bike in your collection.

Of course looks alone are not enough, so let’s take a look at how this bike held up under review. The Nomad is designed to be able to take up and down a mountain, no problem. One of the key components for this trip is the suspension and here the Nomad really does prevail. You will be able to take on a variety of rugged trails with this bike.

One of the newer and more interesting details on the Nomad is the interior cable routing. Santa Cruz has figured out a way to keep the wires from interfering with the ride while avoiding the problems usually associated with internal routing. Other improvements include increasing the frame’s seat tube diameter.

The first bump in the road with this bike is that while it is decent at climbing up hills, it is probably not the best around. The ride going down was a lot smoother than the ascent. That being said, it was a quality ride both ways.
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  • Great suspension
  • A quality mountain bike
  • Nice aesthetics

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  • Quite expensive
  • A little stiff on the climb


The Verdict

This is a great looking bike that allows you to careen up and down mountain sides with ease. The suspension is on point.

You are definitely going to want to save up before you try buying this bike. It is certainly not cheap. However, the kits are high end which does make a pretty decent case for the price. Overall, however, if you spend your time on the mountains, this is a bike that you should own.

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