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Santa Cruz 5010 Review

If you ever had the pleasure of riding the Santa Cruz 5010, then it was probably love at first ride. This is because the bike had a lot to offer and was an absolute dream on the trails. Of course, the needs of riders are constantly changing. In particular, the shorter top tubes were simply not cutting it anymore.

Well, apparently Santa Cruz was listening to these complaints because they rolled out a newer version of this beloved bike. For the most part, the 5010 is similar to the bike before it. With one obvious change – the top tubes are longer.

In our opinion, at least, this has made this bike even more perfect. The 5010 is still a great bike to hit the trails with. This is largely because it gobbles up the mountain side and simply just spits it out. Regardless of the terrain that you are facing, the 5010 answers readily, offering up a technical yet fun ride. It is also responsive whether you are heading up a slope or riding down one.

Suspension on the bike is also great and it handles roots, bumps, and rocks equally well. You are not going to feel jostled in the least. The rear shock also works well in keeping the bike under control with looser soil and terrain.

All of these features really sell this bike making its price excusable and even explicable. If you are looking for the ultimate experience, every time that you hit the trails then the Santa Cruz 5010 will offer it up. This bike deserves to be ridden and ridden well. It is not an opportunity that any diehard fan will want to pass up by any means.


  • Light frame
  • Great going up and down slopes
  • Longer top tubes
  • Good suspension


  • Expensive

The Verdict

The Santa Cruz 5010 is definitely one of the best mountain bikes available on the market. It has been tailored to perfectly suit a large number of conditions.

The Santa Cruz 5010 may be a little pricey but at the end of the day, it really does earn its keep.

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