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Ridgeback Velocity Review

The Ridgeback Velocity is a bike that we really wanted to review for a number of reasons. We soon came to realize that the bike is said to be a city bike but has the durability of a standard MTB and is able to roll along smoothly on its modified aluminum frame.

The frame has been designed specifically to suit women, and we noticed just how true this was when we stepped on the bike. The entire ride with it was super responsive, and we had a ton of fun on it. Since this was a commuter bike, we really appreciated how reliable the bike was.

The Shimano drivetrain was very useful indeed, able to give us very good power transmission and easy, smooth and reliable shifting as we pedaled down the streets of the city. Wet days didn’t look like they’d be a problem either, as the bike had a lot of potential to be fitted out with mudguards, racks and more components.
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  • Great city option
  • Made specifically for women
  • Responsive, smooth ride
  • Strong tires
  • Great drivetrain

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  • Can be a little difficult to get used to


The Verdict

The Ridgeback Velocity is a bike that is more than capable of travelling at velocity all over the city without causing any problems, and at any time of the year.

We had the time of our lives reviewing the Ridgeback Velocity, although it could have been a little smoother on the overall ride. The great gearing was very much appreciated.

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