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Ridgeback Flight Review

One of the concept behind hybrid bicycles is that you are supposed to get the best of both worlds. This is precisely what the Ridgeback looks like, a good balance between sporty and road. For starters, this bike is definitely on the lighter side of things. This is only enhanced by the double butted aluminum frame.

Overall, the bikes looks good and compact which has us itching to take it out for a spin. Only once we are out on the road do we realize something quite exhilarating – this bike is fast. While it is not in the category of being a race bike, the Flight does put up quite a performance. At the very least, it is a serious improvement on most of the other hybrid bikes that we have witnessed.

The other thing that we noticed was the smooth ride. It is actually quite comfortable, making it perfect for a daily commute, particularly if there are any potholes around. This is compounded by the rather impressive tires. The steering too is on point, keeping the bike pointed straight ahead.

While the ride is smooth, the saddle is not nearly as comfortable. This means that this bike is best suited to shorter journeys unless you plan on swapping the seat out. Of course, at the speed that this bike can produce, you won’t really have to spend too long on the bike, anyway.

All in all, we were suitably impressed by the Ridgeback Flight. It really does live up to its reputation and even exceeds it in certain areas. If you are looking for something to get around in every day, but still require a bit of speed, the Flight will serve you well.

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  • Good, compact frame
  • Great tires
  • Smooth ride
  • Good handling
  • Decent price
  • Fast performance

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  • The seating is a little uncomfortable


The Verdict

The Ridgeback Flight is the bike that meets a variety of needs and is good for a well-rounded bicyclist.

The Ridgeback Flight is a dependable bike to own, particularly if you plan on using it on a regular basis. It will cater to all of requirements admirably.

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