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Ridgeback Element Review

Since Ridgeback specializes in utility, commuter, and city bikes, and have been around since the 80s, we were really wanted to review the Element, a pretty affordable and awesome looking bike. So we got our hands on the basic and open frame models and took them into the city for a few test rides.

For a city bike, these models felt surprisingly light. The 6061 heat treated aluminum frames came in at a cool 27 lb on our bikes. Overall, the bikes were quite fast and easy to handle, which is great for a commuter. With some solid Shimano componentry, rack and mudguard mounts, these bikes are good for riding over wet and dry roads alike.

The only thing is that we’ve actually seen better commuters for this price range, so that was a bit of a disappointment. At a little under a thousand dollars, this isn’t the best you can get. With that said, riders that can afford it will not regret the buy – it’s a pretty solid bike overall!

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  • Great for commuting
  • Nice and light
  • Rack and mudguard mounts available
  • Riding is comfy and easy
  • Picks up some good speeds

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  • Pretty average for the price range


The Verdict

A decent and affordable choice for commuters and recreational riders with basic needs and smaller budgets.

The Ridgeback Element is not a top quality urban riding bike, but it gets the job done, and we certainly liked how it looked and rode. These bikes do have solid features and performed well enough throughout our review, so we’d give it a thumbs up.

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