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Radio Evol Review

The Radio Evol is actually a little on the expensive side when compared to most other BMX bikes. We set out to see if it was worth the extra bucks you have to pay. Our first look at it ended with us thinking that it was a little on the heavy side as well, although not by much.

This is owed to the steel frame, which is built for endurance on tough stunts with harsh landings. The frame is made out of 1020 hi-tension steel with a Radio Rookie fork made of the same. It is available in a 20.5” frame size, which served us pretty well, even though some of our team are on the taller end of the spectrum.

We were pretty surprised by the level of control that the 8.5” hi-tension handlebars offered to us, especially with the great feeling Salt Team grip set included with the bike. To top it all off, the Radio Slim alloy seat post that was topped by a Radio Century 20 padded combo seat gave us a ton of comfort during the ride, even when landing hard on asphalt surfaces!


  • Sturdy frame built to endure
  • Lightweight pedals that retain strength
  • Comfortable seat and saddle
  • Increased control and great size


  • Not great for beginners
  • Expensive

The Verdict

Made for freestyle stunts and enthusiastic bikers, this isn’t one for the beginner stunt biker, but is definitely a great pick for any hobbyist!

Overall, we loved the Radio Evol. It was a pleasure to ride and perform on, and it responded really well. The heavier weight was a really good way to keep our balance, and the saddle and seatpost offered us a lot of comfort during our stunts. Definitely one to take a look at!

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