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Pivot Mach Review

The Pivot Mach has a very lightweight aluminum alloy frame, but also comes with a carbon fiber option. When we compared the two, the former only weighed 400g more than the latter, which was pretty cool. Paired with the Fox Float DPS EVOL damping system on the bike, this was one that was very worth looking at.

We also noticed that there was a nice, wide bottom bracket that really opened some room up for big rear tires that would be more than able to stand up to muddier, slipperier roads and trails. In addition to this, there was a really great free flow suspension design that made us really happy because of the way in which it ensured that the wheels of the bike were always in contact with the road and trail, no matter how bumpy things got.

One small problem that we could see was that the distance from the front axle to the BB, or the “front center” was a little too short. However, this was more than made up for by the amazing precision and handling of the bike.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Comes in aluminum and carbon
  • Not a big weight difference
  • Great suspension and damping
  • Space for bigger rear tires


  • Front center distance is a little too short

The Verdict

This is an enduro bike that is more than capable of handling the rougher roads and trails out there. Definitely one you should look at if you’re looking for a long-travel bike with personality.

Pivot Mach weren’t kidding when they said this machine was durable. It is able to handle most of the stress on the roads with ease, and can get most of the bumps out of the way without leaving contact between the tires and the ground. Definitely a bike we would recommend.

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