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Pinnacle Tineo Review

Your youngster can get into biking very early on with the Pinnacle Tineo. A child between the age of two and five can ride it. It is constructed from Pinnacle’s 6061 aluminum alloy which provides torsional rigidity while maintaining a lightweight profile which does not require too much effort from a little tyke to move it around. The thick tube sloping downwards provides most of the supports most of the weight while the narrower tube on top contributes a bit as well. However, both tubes have been set deliberately low so as to make mounting and dismounting as graceful a procedure as a toddler can manage.

At nearly five kilograms, the Pinnacle isn’t exactly the pinnacle in lightweight for balance bikes. This is mostly due to the fact that it has a steel fork for added strength and other extras like a built-in footplate and brake. But it certainly isn’t the heaviest either and there is a point in saying that we shouldn’t make things too easy for the little one.

The Pinnacle also contains the added benefit of a V-brake for the rear which will come in handy with the more confident and daring riders who might ride it. The seat is plastic with padding on top and also has a little grab handle on the back which your child can use for support when trying to balance themselves or lifting the bike to be tucked away for the day. At the control end up front, a chubby rubber rim on the edge of each handle bar prevents tiny hands from slipping off and of course, there’s a bell there as well.

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  • Well equipped
  • High build quality
  • Rigid construction
  • Practically designed

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  • Slightly on the heavy side


The Verdict

It is a delightful little starter for your child and comes with a host safety features to help you breathe easy as well.

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