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The Pinnacle Ramin is at the pinnacle of big wheel bikes, sitting at the top of the bunch with its gorgeous features, smooth ride and great components. To add to this is the affordable price, and the fact that it is able to go on the trails without many problems either.

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Pinnacle Ramin X 2020
Pinnacle Ramin X 2020

Pinnacle Ramin Review

The Pinnacle Ramin is a bike made by Evans Cycles, and is one of the many big wheel bikes out there. Our taste of the Ramin of the modern day sticks to the recipe that the older models used to, with a nice flare at the lower bracket and a nice fat down tube on the frame that has a great circular shape for added strength.

We noticed that the top tube of the bike was a little on the skinny side, but guided all the cables to the rear remarkably well. The seatpost is full of flex so that the ride isn’t as uncomfortable as it could be on the trails.

The big wheels on the bike make it seem like it wouldn’t be as suitable for aggressive trail riding, unlike certain hardtails that are mid-sized. The truth is that the Ramin has been made to be more technical during its ride, with the weight of our test cyclist being shifted over the stays so that the wheels have more traction on muddy trails.


  • Great design – big wheels and nice frame
  • Flared bracket and sturdy tubes
  • Improved traction in the ride
  • Efficient experience overall


  • Could use more personality

The Verdict

The Pinnacle Ramin is a bike that is made for both the roads and the trails, and is able to keep up with a lot of trail bikes and hardtails at a pretty affordable price too.

Pinnacle has really done a good job with the Ramin, and the lack of personality in the bike is more than made up for by the great design and the awesome handling of the bike.

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