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The Pinnacle Neon is a hybrid bike that is made for both quiet countryside touring and a busier urban setting. The company is known for its excellence in bike manufacture. Some of the best models out there have come from the maker. It is one of the nicest to ride and the best to review too!

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Pinnacle Neon 5 2020
Pinnacle Neon 5 2020
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Pinnacle Neon 3 2020
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Pinnacle Neon 4 2020

Pinnacle Neon Review

The Pinnacle Neon isn’t an expensive series of bikes. In fact, as far as hybrids go, the bike is pretty decently priced. When we picked it up for the review, it was very affordable indeed.

One of the best parts of the Neon is that it is made for speed over anything else. Weighing in at only 10kg when we tested it, this is one of the lightest road bikes that we have ever seen. Of course, we also soon came to realize that when it came to speed vs. comfort, Pinnacle tended to place emphasis on the former, meaning that you have to expect some discomfort when riding the neon.

We were very pleased with the components on the bike though. For example, the gears were Shimano Claris, which are usually used on the professional racing bikes and are therefore perfect for use while racing and climbing.

The brakes were also cantilever, allowing for an upgrade from the skinny road tires that are stock with the bike. The frame was a stable aluminum build that overall made for a fun, exciting ride. One of the downsides to this one was that it felt bad for a casual cyclist.


  • Decent pricing
  • Hybrid design
  • Speed is a priority
  • Great components
  • Incredibly light
  • Fun to ride


  • Not for beginners or casual cyclists
  • Not that comfortable

The Verdict

A hybrid bike that is made for speeding along the roads and tracks without a care in the world, built for the professional cyclist in you.

We had an absolute blast reviewing the Pinnacle Neon, from its incredibly speed to its amazing weight, and we can’t wait for another taste of what the company has in store for us!

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