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Pinnacle Lithium Review

Pinnacle Lithium is the bike model we have been looking for all this time. Most of us prefer to cycle to work, and also go on weekend outings on country terrain. The commuter bikes that are suitable for the urban landscape is not suitable for rural roads, and vice versa. This bike model solves this problem. When we took it out for a spin for this review, we were delighted to find that this model is suitable for both worlds.

When we rode this bike model, it felt like a solid 29er MTB. Except of course, the tires are particularly voluminous. The larger than average size help this model navigate paves roads, dirt roads and tracks with varying elevation. The Shinamo components make the ride particularly versatile. The average weight for this model is 10.4kg, which is in the medium weight range. The bike is easy to pick and carry if needed.

This model is also very low maintenance and parts are easy to upgrade. That’s a perk considering the default speed drifters do not offer the best shifting, so we had to upgrade to Shimano Tourney 7. Also, the bike cannot really handle very rough terrain, only dirt trails with minimum challenges.


  • Best for commuting and adventures
  • Highly versatile design
  • Voluminous tires
  • Medium weight for varrying


  • Unreliable speed drifters
  • Upgrades necessary for best navigation
  • Tires not suitable for really rough terrain

The Verdict

Pinnacle Lithium is the ideal bike for casual cyclists who commute by bike frequently, and also prefer to take the bike on vacations.

The bike is designed with durability and comfort in mind. Parts are easily upgradable, so bad components can be replaced to smoothen out the ride. Pinnacle Lithium is a handy bike to have for those with active lifestyles.