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Pinnacle Jarrah

When you see the price tag on the Pinnacle Jarrah, it is almost enough to make you feel weak at the knees. Once you have been researching mountain bikes for a while, you notice that the pricing can get quite steep. At the same time, however, this almost budget cost had us wondering just what we could expect from the Jarrah.

All of the components and specs fit right in with the Jarrah price range, and in that sense it is everything that you expect it to be. All that was left to do was to hit up some rough terrain. To be honest, we quite surprised at just how well the Jarrah performed in its test runs. This bike is quite nimble and it simply pounces across whatever we threw at it.

However, when the terrain does start to get a little questionable, so does the Jarrah’s capabilities. Nonetheless, the bike does seem to tackle most of what it encountered. Heading uphill also was quite easy considering that the bike is not a complete hulk. It is also quite comfortable with the suspension performing quite well.

The Jarrah is definitely not the best mountain bike around and we can’t say that it is the best in its price range either. Nonetheless, this bike is an affordable way to enjoy everything that mountain biking has to offer. As long as you are on the Pinnacle Jarrah, you will rarely feel at a loss on what you need to do. This bike has a delightful number of features that make it worth keeping an eye on. If you do not want to make too large of an investment, then this is definitely the bike for you.

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  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Good performance
  • Sturdy frame
  • Nimble

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  • Tires can be improved for terrain


The Verdict

The Pinnacle Jarrah is not just affordable, it is also an incredibly fun and reliable bike that will keep you hooked for a long time.

The Pinnacle Jarrah may not be winning any awards but it is definitely one of the better options around, particularly in its price range.

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