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Pinnacle Iroko is one of the best alloy hardtail performers around. The bikes have deceptively homely exteriors, but are smoother and springier than most steel bikes around. These bikes are perfect for handling hilly trails, except for highly technical trails. Overall, you will hardly find a more responsive model than this.

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Pinnacle Iroko 1 2019
Pinnacle Iroko 1 2019
$850 $944
Pinnacle Iroko 2 2018
Pinnacle Iroko 2 2018
$1,400 $1,219
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Pinnacle Iroko 2 2019
Pinnacle Iroko 2 2019
$1,100 $1,036
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Pinnacle Iroko Review

Pinnacle Iroko is a mountain trail bike model from the noted brand. Pinnacle bikes are known to be above average in general, and this model is no exception. The Iroko bikes look very simple on the outside. But as they say, looks can be very deceiving, as we found out in our review.

The Iroko bikes are alloy hardtails, and are actually one of the best models around. Compared to most steel hardtails, we found these bikes to be springy and fast. The design is conventional, but it surprisingly works. Most Iroko bikes come with triple-butted main tubes. The frames have reinforcing gussets. The bikes also have surprisingly massive 142x12mm axle dropouts. The result is a surprisingly smooth ride. We tested these bikes on a hilly area. The Iroko bikes managed to handle climbs, sprints, and hairpin turns surprisingly well. We were impressed by how well these bikes performed during descents.

The bikes under this model all weight under 12kg. That’s not awfully lightweight, but heavy enough to be speedier and more comfortable than full suspension bikes. The bikes are also really stable, thanks to stretched front center top tubes. But the top tube is not long as in a travel bike. So this model cannot handle major hits on the trail. For technical trails, you will have to rely on your own skill.

These bikes are responsive, but do not have dropper posts. That’s quite fine as we found the performance to be outstanding.


  • Amazingly smooth ride
  • Springier than steel bikes
  • Good performance on descents
  • Feels lightweight


  • No dropper post
  • Cannot handle big hits
  • Looks too simple

The Verdict

We found the Pinnacle Iroko bikes to be responsive and superb performers. These bikes are so smooth, it’s really a delight to ride. Looks wise, these bikes don’t have much. It lacks a dropper post too. However, this hardtail really delivers when it comes to trail riding. This model is actually springier than steel bikes.

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