Pinnacle Cobalt

Review and price comparison

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Pinnacle Cobalt Review

The Pinnacle Cobalt bikes have some pretty basic and entry level specs, with Shimano Acera and Altus componentry, with Deore parts on the better models. With some of Pinnacles home brand equipment, the performance from these bikes is not exactly remarkable.

For the most part, these bikes are light, with triple butted, heat treated aluminum frames. The forks on some models left a little to be desired on the bumpy roads. We noticed a little excessive bounce on some models.

While the componentry is to be expected from most bikes of this class, we have reviewed bikes with better specs at this price range. However, considering that the Pinnacle Cobalt bikes are designed for the simpler road bike riders’ needs, they pretty much do the job. The seating is not the most comfortable, but this can be upgraded. Suspension on some models may be better for off road riding.


  • Good designs overall
  • Light frames
  • Best for new riders
  • Suspension suited for off road


  • Not ideal for regular riding
  • Uncomfortable saddles

The Verdict

These may not be the ideal road bike, but for basic commuting and leisure needs, they get the job done.

The Pinnacle Cobalt bikes were not the most fun to review because they were quite unremarkable for the most part. But if you just need a sturdy roadster, these are quite all right. We may not spend more than a few hundreds on it though.