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Pinnacle Chromium Review

Pinnacle Chromium is a women’s hybrid bike model, one of the few around. There are two bikes under this model Chromium 1 and Chromium 2, which is available only in blue. Chromium 2 also comes with Tektro Auriga hydraulic disc brakes. Pinnacle bikes are known for offering great features for the price (which can be considerable), so we were super excited to review the Chromium model.

The Chromium model is indeed quite unique. Most hybrids use 700c tires. But the Chromium bikes use 650B tires, which are for roads mainly. The advantage here is that the tires are rather fat, so it doesn’t require a long wheel base that could make riding uncomfortable for women. Also, the tire choice make is possible to fit a big mudguard and avoid toe overlap. These geometric design choices make Chromium bike very speedy and also very comfortable to ride.

We definitely noticed the comfort level when we tested these bikes on city streets and on some off road trails. Most hybrids suffer from narrow tires, but not this model. Riding was really smooth and responsible. Because the tires are big, we didn’t have to worry about how flexible the fork is either. The bikes were overall very responsive and sturdy. We could speed without worry because of the disc brakes too.

Though Chromium bikes look like traditional models, these are anything but. The only disappointment was that the bikes weight close to 12 kg, so they are not exactly lightweight.


  • Hybrid bikes with fat tires
  • Very comfortable
  • Reliable brakes
  • Smooth rides


  • A bit expensive
  • Not as lightweight as hoped

The Verdict

Pinnacle Chromium is not like any other hybrid bike model. It’s employs unique design choices that make these bikes very comfortable to ride for women. Thanks to fat tires, these bikes can handle most terrain. We think this is a great purchase for the price.

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