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If you like tackling some of the harder trails and still coming out on top, then the Orbea MX is for you. It is great for all mountain biking adventures. The MX has an aluminum frame and weighs around 14 kilos. This series is a moderately priced one.

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Jugendrad Orbea MX Team 2019
Jugendrad Orbea MX Team 2019
$399 $399
Orbea MX in. 30 2019
Orbea MX in. 30 2019
$849 $722
You save 15%
Orbea MX 10 in. 2019
Orbea MX 10 in. 2019
$999 $849
You save 15%

Orbea MX Review

One of our favorite thing about this series is the cost. Compared to many of the other bikes in this subset, you are actually getting a bargain. So, let’s take a look at the MX to determine whether or not it is a good deal for you.

The MX certainly has some heft to it. This bike will definitely not fall into the category of lightweight. However, we decided to give the MX the benefit of the doubt as we took it out for a spin on the mountain side.

First things first, this is definitely a bike that is made for the rockier parts of wherever you live. This bike responds well to pushing it in some really tight spots. Rocks, roots, and dirt are just minor inconveniences to this total monster. We loved every minute of riding it through this terrain.

This does come with a caveat nonetheless. Just because the MX can go through this type of landscape does not mean that it makes for a comfortable ride. The firmness of the frame will cause you to take the brunt of most of what you are riding on. As long as you avoid terrain that is too wild, you will be fine.

Since mountain biking involves a considerable amount of climbing, we wondered how this heavier frame was going to react. Surprisingly enough, the bike went up with just a little encouragement. Needless to say, we were astonished. What thrilled us just as much was the handling. With almost no effort at all, the bike stayed on course, never drifting. This is great for those trickier trails.

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  • Moderately priced
  • Sturdy bike
  • Great handling
  • Goes uphill well

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  • Uncomfortable on rougher terrain
  • A bit heavy


The Verdict

The Orbea MX is a worthy bike to hit more stubborn trails with. It will serve you well.

The Orbea MX will withstand a great deal of abuse and will get you through some pretty crazy terrain. For the price that it is going for, it really is a good value for money.

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