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If you are looking for a sturdy bike that will help you tackle some moderate terrain, the Norco Storm will be all that you need and more. The frame is composed of aluminum and the whole bike weighs around 14 kilos. This is a moderately priced mountain bike.

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Norco Storm Review

If you are going to put in perspective, the Norco Storm is actually a pretty good bike – for its price range. For what you pay for, you certainly get more than enough. Of course, when you compare it to some of the more preferred options by bikers, the Storm does not necessarily hold up as well.

The frame of the Storm is of undeniably good quality. Regardless of what you put this bike through, the frame will remain standing. The wheels might be a little bulky and add some unwanted weight to the Storm but it pays off in terms of durability. These are really in for the long haul.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for other components. It is more than likely that you will be replacing your pedals in the very near future with this bike. These bent after only hitting up some minor terrain. This is a bit of resounding theme with the Storm. While it is quite sturdy, it is better for beginners or those who are content on some of the safer trails. It is unlikely the Storm will be able to take much more than that.

It is more than just the overall quality of the Storm, however, the bike itself tends to be a little unstable if you try anything a little more thrilling. Therefore, to ensure safety, it is best to stick with something that is less demanding. While the Storm is a little hefty, it is still a sprightly climber. It becomes absolutely lively when you head downhill, showcasing its full potential here.

Overall, the Norco Storm is a great little mountain bike that is most importantly affordable. If you are looking for a starter bike or something a little softer, this is not a bad option at all.


  • Affordable
  • Good quality frame
  • Sturdy wheels
  • Handles slopes well
  • Good starter bike


  • Bad pedals
  • A little unreliable
  • Not great on rough terrain

The Verdict

The Norco Storm may not be an ideal option for mountain bikers. It is, however, affordable and able to handle the lesser trails quite well.

The Norco Storm is one of the better deals for those who are new to the world of mountain biking.

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