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Norco Charger Review

The Norco Charger is a cross country bike that is of a hardtail design. It looks amazing. That’s our first impression. We saw it, and it stood out among the rest like a sore thumb. The top tube of the Charger is sloped at a very aggressive angle towards the seatpost, leading to a lot of clearance under the groin when the going gets tough.

In addition to this, we noticed that the actual tube of the seat had a greater height as well. One of the main things we noticed about this bike was the it was made to be a beginner ride. This meant that the handling was perfectly tuned so as to allow a newbie to the game to adjust to their newfound love for mountain biking.

We took it out on every single trail that we could think of, and tested it out as much as we could, and it didn’t fail us even once. While it could have had better damping, this wasn’t the greatest gripe in the universe.


  • Beautiful, unique design
  • Aggressive top tube and high clearance
  • Lots of travel on the fork
  • Great for a beginner


  • Could have had better damping, a slacker head angle and a shorter stem

The Verdict

Charging through the competition to come out on top, the Charger is going to fulfil all of your mountain biking needs, as long as you don’t want something that is on an expert level.

We were very pleased with the design and the performance of the Norco Charger, and thought that it was a pretty great ride overall. However, there wasn’t much in the way of outstanding components, not that this was a bad thing.

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