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Mondraker Dune is a travel bike model perfect for outdoor adventure lovers. This bike utilizes some radical design tech to make it truly stand out in the heavily saturated travel bike market. This Spanish brand is ideal for those who want a solid travel bike at an affordable rate.

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Mondraker Dune Carbon XR 2020
Mondraker Dune Carbon XR 2020
Mondraker Dune 2020
Mondraker Dune 2020
Mondraker Dune R 2020
Mondraker Dune R 2020

Mondraker Dune Review

We have reviewed several travel bikes. But most are so alike it’s difficult to tell each apart without referring to the brand label. Mondraker Dune was an exception for us. Not only did we actually like reviewing this model, we liked the way it managed to stay distinct from the rest.

The Dune is the 160mm in frameset and has 27.5” wheels. The makers have designed this bike according to Forward Geometry layouts. The result is a unique travel bike model with a short stem and a long front. The bike model comes equipped with SRAM X01 drivetrains. The combination specs make this travel bike a particularly smooth ride.

The Dune has solid Formula T1S brakes which are powerful enough to slow the Dune while going downhill. We found the Dune to offer solid performances while racing on dirt roads and taking on terrain with versatile elevation. However, riding uphill is quite a battle. The saddle was quite comfortable, the frameset overall isn’t equipped to handle big shocks adequately.


  • Solid travel bike
  • Superior design
  • Good breaks


  • Going uphill is a challenge

The Verdict

Mondraker Dune is a good bike if you are seeking a travel bike for leisure or hobbyist reasons. In comparison to its peers, this model stands out thanks to superior designs.

The perks certainly outweigh the downsides as well. Though pros might find some specs lacking, this is a good bike for entry to moderate level cyclists.

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