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Merida One-Forty Review

The Merida One-Forty is the product of one of the world’s largest bike manufacturers. As such, we noticed that the entire bike had been designed very well indeed.

The main tubes of the machine are all hydroformed, with a 140mm form that is able to withstand the muddier, more clog-prone trails with ease. The suspension system in this case is an entry level RockShox Sektor which has adjustable suspension levels and a lever to lockout.

While the fork sits low on the bike, it actually has a wide travel distance that it doesn’t show to the naked eye. Most of the cables are routed through the tubes instead of along them, meaning that the frame, and the bike in general, manages to look very neat indeed.

With the virtual pivot design, the One-Forty is able to have higher damping capabilities, especially when engaging in the larger, harsher bumps. We found the Merida to be incredibly stable and able to withstand a lot of stress on the trails.


  • Great design – lots of detail
  • Good gearing and suspension
  • Good travel distance on fork


  • Jack of all trades, master of none – can be versatile but is limited

The Verdict

A great bike for the beginner in the trail biking scene, with more than enough damping for the average rider and great handling as well as precision on the go.

We like the Merida One-Forty, and really did enjoy reviewing it. The bike had its small drawbacks, but was a pretty great entry level bike with pretty nice design too.

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