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Merida Juliet is a mountain bike model designed just for women. These bikes feature low stand-over heights, comfortable saddles, lightweight frames, and shorter brake levers that some women cyclists prefer. The bikes are suitable for leisure or cross country biking. Beginner to mid-level cyclists will find this model useful.

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Merida Juliet 7.XT-Edition 27 5er 2018 frei Haus
Merida Juliet 7.XT-Edition 27 5er 2018 frei Haus
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Merida Juliet Review

Merida Juliet is a series of hardtail mountain bikes intended for women. We tested all of the bikes under this model for our review. We recommend the Juliet bikes for cross country and leisure riding. If you are a beginner, you could upgrade a standard bike to one in this model. However, we think these bikes are best suited for mid-level women cyclists.

The Juliet bikes are suitable for cross country and some road racing as well. The bikes have lightweight alloy frames that ride smoothly on many different types of terrain. The bikes are designed with suspension forks and increase handling comfort. We found that these bikes provide better control on trails because the frames can easily absorb shock from bumpy roads. Some bikes in this model, like the Juliet 7 300, are designed for tougher mountain biking. The 300 gives better ability to ride uphill and has Shimano shifters to change gears faster. Juliet bikes overall have many women-friendly features like comfortable saddles.
Handlebars are narrower than standard on all bikes, and brake levers are shorter too. And of course, all bikes have low stand-over heights.

The bikes are great for better stability for parts of the trail that require thinking and careful controlling. These bikes are best suited for intermediate mountain trails. These can be ridden on tough trails, but we didn’t like the stability and control. Also, on the steepest trails, some Juliet bikes underperformed.

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  • Women-friendly design
  • Low stand-over height
  • Good for roads, cross country and intermediate mountain trails

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  • Not suited for challenging terrain


The Verdict

Merida Juliet bikes are perfect for female riders who are still getting used to mountain trails. These bikes offer excellent control and comfort on beginner to intermediate trails. There’s greater saddle comfort level, and the low stand-over height offers good traction. There are a number of features that women will definitely like.

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