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Merida Eninety-Nine is a mountain bike model that comes with an electric assist. These bikes are very heavy, which makes uphill riding challenging. But the electric assist largely compensates for that. However, his bike is best suited for urban commuting rather than uphill cycling.

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Merida eNinety-Nine 500 EQ Fully 29er 2018 frei Haus
Merida eNinety-Nine 500 EQ Fully 29er 2018 frei Haus
$3,349 $2,736
You save 18%
Merida eNinety-Nine XT-Edition EQ 2018 frei Haus
Merida eNinety-Nine XT-Edition EQ 2018 frei Haus
$3,599 $3,092
You save 14%
Merida eNinety-Nine XT-Edition Fully 29er 2018 frei Haus
Merida eNinety-Nine XT-Edition Fully 29er 2018 frei Haus
$3,699 $3,092
You save 16%

Merida Eninety-Nine Review

Merida Eninety-Nine is the electric version of the brand’s Ninety Nine mountain bike model. This is basically a battery and a motor equipped on to the Ninety Nine’s frame. We have reviewed the original Ninety Nine earlier and noted it’s issues and strengths. The e version is lot the same except for the battery.

Our reviewers noted that the bottom line of this model is good, but the bikes can be quite expensive. It’s tricky to balance value against performance. The Ninety Nine bikes are really heavy, and with the battery back, the overall weight is even heavier. This is a major disadvantage for a mountain bike. When rolling uphill, the regular Ninety Nine feels like hauling a loaded truck uphill. But the e-Ninety Nine’s electric assist solves this issue. This model comes with a really powerful 500Wh Shimano E8010 battery and a reliable Shimano E6001 motor. It provides a solid electric assist when rolling uphill that cancels out the heaviness of the bikes.

This model come with super sturdy frames prepped for aggressive mountain biking. They can scratch, but are easy to clean. We weren’t impressed with the regular Ninety Nine mountain bikes, but we can recommend the eNinety Nine for city commuting. The heaviness is not a major factor on flat landscapes and even provides good traction. We found the e model rather comfortable to ride in cities too.

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  • Solid electric assist
  • Comfortable to ride in cities
  • Highly durable frame
  • Large capacity battery

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  • Very heavy bike
  • Expensive


The Verdict

Merida Eninety-Nine is supposed to be a mountain bike with an electric assist. But this model is not really suitable for uphill cycling because of the weight. What it’s best for is urban commuting. If you are looking for a durable e-bike with a powerful battery to ride in cities, then this model is worth checking out.

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