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Merida Ebig Tour Review

Merida Ebig Tour is a hardtail bike model with an electric boost. While the bikes in this series are designed a lot like mountain bikes, they are intended for a variety of terrain, mainly urban trails and roads. We tested several Ebig Tour bikes for this review on cycle paths, urban tracks, and some gravel tracks to see how they fared. Because this is an electric bike, we mainly thought of it as a commuter bike.

The bikes have 6061 alloy frames. They are lightweight and stable. There wasn’t anything special about the frame design. It mostly mirrored what other e-bikes have done so far. But we thought the frames were rather nimble, especially when travelling on gravelly tracks. The frame and the seat post in aligned in a manner to facilitate upright riding. It’s comfortable when commuting, but the upright position can become annoying when racing or mountain biking. The bikes have 100mm suspensions, so it definitely reduces the bumps and lumps when riding on rough terrain. The wheels are impressively large as well. Most models have 29 inch wheels, which were fast rolling. These bikes are great for commuting without breaking a sweat.

The bikes come with Shimano Steps motors plus a 418Wh battery pack. It gives a significant boost to manual pedaling. Interestingly, some bikes came with adjustable power modes, so it’s easier to save battery power when you want to. The drivetrains also give a lot of gearing leeway. There is a good gearing variety when cycling uphill.

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  • Good electric boost
  • Adjustable power modes
  • Lightweight and nimble frames

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  • Upright seating position not always comfortable


The Verdict

Merida Ebig Tour is yet another excellent bike model with an electronic assist from the brand. These bikes are suitable for mountain biking, road racing, and commuting. But we mostly recommend these bikes for urban landscapes. There’s nothing really new that Merida uses in the design. But the bikes are designed to be nimble, fast rolling, and comfortable.

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