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Merida Crossway Review

Merida Crossway is a series of crossover bikes released by the brand in 2016. Crossway bikes are available in 43 variations, so there’s a great selection to choose from. Crossway bike include road, mountain and hybrid models. We reviewed several under each category to see how well each performed.

The specifications of these bikes vary greatly depending on what you buy. But in general, you can expect lightweight mostly alloy frames, somewhat wide tires, flat handlebars, and forks with remarkable shock absorbing quality. Crossway bikes perform the best on urban streets because of versatility. We found that most of these bikes packed enough power to tackle mountain terrain, and also smoothness to handle twists and turns of roads and busy streets.

These bikes are incredibly versatile. They are designed for urban terrain, and also for some off-road terrain. The bikes are definitely for daily commuters, but leisure cyclists will also find this model rather suitable. The bikes combine the aggressiveness of MTBs with the maneuverability of dirt bikes, which is a must-have combo for urban commuting. The advantage is exacerbated by the stiff X-Tapered tube-head, which each Crossway bike has, that offers reliability and compatibility with different types of forks.

The frames of these bikes are durable and reliable as well. Bike feature flat handle barks, more suitable for responsive pedaling. The brake types can be either hydraulic or mechanical depending on the type of bike. There is a women-friendly selection of Crossway bikes available as well. Prices vary, but tend to be on the expensive side.


  • Versatile
  • Women-friendly versions available
  • Designed for urban commuters
  • Stiff tube head


  • Expensive

The Verdict

Merida Crossway bikes offer versatility and durability for urban commuters. In addition to daily commuting, these bikes are suitable for leisure cycling and bike trekking as well. The bikes are designed to handle many different types of terrain found in cities. But, you can occasionally take one of these bikes off road too.

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