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Merida Big Seven Review

We felt that the Merida Big Seven handled better on smoother trails than the rougher ones, which was a little counterintuitive to us. The bike is naturally one of the quickest we have ridden as long as it is being used in its element.

However, we also felt like it wasn’t on the lighter side of things, and didn’t have the nicest tires in the world for its spec. That being said, our test ride of the bike was fast and very responsive indeed. Acceleration wasn’t a problem at all, with the way the design incorporates a more forward center of gravity into the design of the bike.

We also loved the fork lockout as well as the very useful XT transmission that turned the Big Seven into a long distance beast. If there is one place where the Merida doesn’t shine, it is the more technical stuff. We tried it out on descents that were a lot more technical and found that it lacked the precision and control we needed.


  • Very well thought out design of frame
  • Quick and responsive
  • Great pickup and comfort


  • Control and handling wasn’t great on technical descents

The Verdict

A bike that is built for speed and power rather than control, this one is going to please you if you ride regularly on smoother trails that require less handling overall.

We loved the Merida Big.Seven as long as it stayed on the nicer tracks. The second we took it onto a downhill trail, it started to show its worse colors. As long as you can stay on the smooth roads and trails, you’re going to have a blast!

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