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Lapierre Zesty a trail bikes that gets that extra zinger thanks to a top-notch chassis. This model is well known because of the lightweight frame combined with an improved suspension. Though the wheels could be better, this model is perfect for riders seeking some confidence, adventure and reliability.

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Lapierre Zesty AM 527 2018
Lapierre Zesty AM 527 2018
$3,599 $3,185
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Lapierre Zesty Review

Lapierre Zesty is a thoughtfully detailed bike model, even if we found some specs in need of improvement. If you buy an older, possibly used version of the Zesty, you would get 650b. Considering the newer GT and Giant trail bikes out there, these wheels leave a lot to desire. So we recommend buying a new, recently released Zesty, which come with tip-top specs like a longer top tube and improved wheelsets.

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