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Kona Precept Review

Kona has been known for decades for its high quality bikes, from road bikes to urban cycles to mountain bikes. The Kona Precept trail bikes come at good prices with good specs for this price range. We took the Precepts on some steep and rough mountain trails in the country, and we can’t say we weren’t happy with the results.

These bikes have good travel, although we might stick to the 150mm suspension. The RockShox entry level parts may not be up to par, but unless you’re looking for heavy duty specs, this should meet your needs. It certainly did the trick for us.

The drivetrains could use an upgrade, though, and we were a little disappointed with the weight, but this didn’t detract too much from the handling, which was overall smooth throughout. If you are looking for a great downhiller, the 150mm Precept is a good choice – it gave us some incredible speeds.

We haven’t tested these bikes in wetter weather, but on a dry and sunny day, they certainly held up, with great control and precision steering. Aside from those minor hassles of weight and entry level drivetrains, this is a good range for the price.


  • Average but decent specs for the price
  • Great control
  • Precision steering
  • Good travel on the fork


  • A little heavy for a trail bike
  • Drivetrain could use an upgrade

The Verdict

A solid choice for an entry level to midrange bike, but you may want to upgrade the drivetrain for better results.

Overall, we were pretty happy to review the Kona Precept bikes. They make for a fun and exciting ride, but we would recommend it for entertainment rather than competition. The minor complaints we had can easily be addressed with upgrades, so this would be a good buy for the price.

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