Kona Cinder Cone

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Kona Cinder Cone Review

Kona Cinder Cone bike models have been available since the eighties. The model we used for our review is not from that decade. The brand has revamped the classic mountain bike with more contemporary designs and components. The price has definitely changed as well. Our tests showed that the new Cinder Cone is much smoother on trails. This is largely due to the new geometry.

The frame on the new Cinder Cone is definitely different. The top tube slopes up significantly, which gives it better standover clearance. The alloy frame is stiffer, but also lighter. The frame also has a branded RockShox 30 fork. Overall, this bike is heavenly to ride on easy trails. The cycling is really smooth, as mentioned before, so you barely feel like you are on a mountain. The front end gives a noticeable flex. The problem, however, is on tougher trails with unpredictable slopes.

The top tube allows the bike to be maneuvered as the rider like with easy. However, the front end can get squirmy. The rear is unflinching, but the front end is really flexible. So there’s some imbalance due to this. The travel fork is just too short to handle hard, professional level trails. But we did find the other components adequate and of high quality. The brakes are really reliable.


  • Improved geometry
  • Smooth on easy trails


  • Imbalanced front and back ends
  • Not very good on tough trails

The Verdict

Overall, we found the Kona Cinder Cone mountain bikes to be worth the investment if you are only into light mountain biking. This model is good for leisurely rides on smooth trails. But if you are practicing for pro grade, then you are probably better off with a different model.