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Kink Whip is a solid bike model with products made just for commuters and hobbyists. This model has bikes with sturdy wheels and frames that can easily handle city landscapes. The forks and breaks are quite adept at allowing the ride easy passage through city traffic.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Kink Whip 2021 20 Fade
Kink Whip 2021 20 Fade
$942.49 $587.00
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Kink Whip 2021 20 Fade
Kink Whip 2021 20 Fade
You save 38%
Kink Whip 2021 Fade 20 Fade
Kink Whip 2021 Fade 20 Fade
You save 38%

Kink Whip Review

Kink Whip is an excellent bike model that no one talks about, but almost everyone uses. We were quite eager to review this model. There are plenty of BMX bike models made for cities. But almost all fall short in a major area, like durability for navigation. This model is one of the few that got did well in almost all aspects.

This model has full chromoly frame with and integrated headtub, which is drilled for gyro tabs. The fork is Kink Stryker chromoly that has tapered legs. Most of the parts are Kink branded. That’s not bad, as it makes returns and replacements easy.

What’s unique about this model is that all the components come together to offer a smooth and nimble ride. If you ride in cities, you know it can be difficult to maintain balance when there’s incoming traffic. Crossing roads and taking turns can be dangerous. That’s where this bike model comes into offer superior balance and easy navigation.

It also has a comfortable Kink Averil Pivotal seat. As for downsides, we thought the speeds could be better. The design, while highly desirable, comes short when it comes to pedalling fast leaning in.


  • Excellent frame
  • Easy navigation
  • Ideal for cities
  • Parts easy to replace


  • Speeds are low
  • Frame doesn’t support pedalling while leaning forward

The Verdict

Kink Whip is an excellent bike model for those who cycle everyday in urban areas. The model is moderately affordable, and comes with great features for the price.

You would find it very easy to ride through traffic in congested cities. This bike model offers great products busy cyclists can count on.