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The Jamis Trail series works well as an entry level bike into mountain biking. If you need some help getting started with this activity, this will be a decent bike. The Trail consists of an aluminum frame and weighs in at almost 15 kilos. This is certainly one of the cheapest options for mountain bikes.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Jamis Trail X 2018
Jamis Trail X 2018
$395 $421
Jamis Trail X Sport 2018
Jamis Trail X Sport 2018
$495 $528
Jamis Trail X Comp 2018
Jamis Trail X Comp 2018
$595 $635
Jamis Trail X Expert 2018
Jamis Trail X Expert 2018
$735 $782

Jamis Trail Review

The Jamis Trail looks good – we have to give this bike its due. You will never be able to guess its low price tag just by looking at this bike. However, we were still a bit wary about the kind of performance that we could expect from the Trail.

Another one of the things that you will immediately notice about this bike is its weight. At almost 15 kilos, the Trail is certainly not what you would refer to as a svelte. Depending on the situation, this added heft could either be a blessing or a curse. We decided to give this bike the benefit of the doubt and just set off.

It is a good thing that we decided to stick with a little more subdued terrain. While the Jamis Trail is good at keeping it together, you will definitely feel every bump on this bike. The overall durability of the frame is let down by the lack of suspension and the poor performance of the fork. As such, it is probably best to stick with a terrain where you will not take too much of a beating.

Nevertheless, we quite surprised by the gears. They were placed in an easy to reach position and worked well. This helped to displace some of the weight that the bike carried. It also made getting up low slopes a lot easier as well. Another thing that we were quite impressed with were the brakes. When you are on a bike that can pick up speed going downhill, particularly one that is a little heavy, you want something holding it back. In this regard, the brakes worked well, bringing the Trail to a stop well.

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  • Low price
  • Good frame
  • Good gears
  • Strong brakes
  • Appropriate for beginners
  • Aesthetically appealing

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  • Not suitable for really tough terrain
  • Uncomfortable
  • Heavy bike


The Verdict

The Jamis Trail is an appropriate entry level bike for those who want to give mountain biking a try.

The Jamis Trail is definitely one of the cheaper options out there and so is great for a rider who is not really sure whether they want to commit to the sport.

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