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Are you looking for a midrange full suspension mountain bike? Check out the Jamis Dakar series, a range of models that not only look good, but also offer some powerful performance for cross country and all-terrain fun. While the lower end models don’t have the choicest components, the line does have some powerful creations for XC and trail riders.

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Jamis Dakar A2 2020
Jamis Dakar A2 2020
Jamis Dakar A1 2020
Jamis Dakar A1 2020

Jamis Dakar Review

Jamis has had the Dakar for the last three decades, continuing to add to and improve the line to this day. With that kind of background, we were expecting some major performance and specs from the models we tried out. We took a couple of models from each end of the line on a few nearby trails and the city roads for this review.

The Dakar XCT and Dakar XC lines are similar in that they offer some quality specs and versatile riding on all terrain. The Dakar XC bikes, however, were a few pounds heavier than the average cross country bike should be, and the fork lacked the kind of damping control needed for this kind of bike at this price range.

The XCT bikes, on the other hand, were spectacular. These bikes had some quality Shimano Deore componentry, lending to the already excellent specs of stiff frames, great shock absorption, and superb performance. These bikes are super smooth and competition-ready.


  • Smooth and controlled riding
  • Quality Shimano componentry on XCT models
  • Excellent shock absorption on XCTs
  • Well suited for cross country and trail riding
  • High performance on all terrain


  • XC line has poor fork and damping for its price range
  • XCs a little on the heavy side

The Verdict

A generally high quality line of cross country and trail MTBs offering speed, agility, and competition-ready performance.

The Jamis Dakar full suspension mountain bike line is an overall good buy, especially the XCT models that offer some unparalleled performance and combination componentry for its class. For cross country riding, pay a little bit extra and go for an XCT instead of an XC and you should get much better results.

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