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Intense Spider Review

The Intense Spider inspires a certain degree of confidence from the very beginning. This is largely due to the fact that this bike is well built and seems to be perfectly designed for all trails. We wasted no time in getting down to business.

If you opt for the lighter Spider, it is going to make up for in speed what it will cost you in money. We simply sped up and down the trails, carving the corners. This is yet another fun aspect of the Spider, it responds really well to the rider. With just the lightest tilt of your body, you will be able to get the bike to head the way that you want.

Of course, when you are heading at breakneck speeds down trails that aren’t entirely reliable, you do want something that stays on course. For the most part, the Spider does this well. It didn’t swerve even once, regardless of what was in its path. This is where the Spider really comes into its own. This bike is made to hit the trails with – hard. This is because the bike is incredibly flexible, easily turning and jumping over all obstacles.

Despite all of this, you really won’t feel any of these bumps or rocks. The Spider takes all of the hits making sure that there is nothing left behind for you. It is certainly one of the more comfortable options that we have had the pleasure of riding recently.
In the end, it is all about weighing the price tag against what the Intense Spider can really do. If you can afford the Spider, then it is definitely worth the added investment. You will definitely have a lot of fun.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Good specs
  • Comfortable ride
  • Fast
  • Adapts well
  • Good handling


  • Expensive

The Verdict

The Intense Spider is a fun and thrilling bike that offers a dependable and exciting performance on the trails.

While the Intense Spider is quite expensive, it is also really worth the price tag. If you enjoy being out on the trails the Spider is simply going to add to this excitement.

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