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Intense Recluse Review

Intense Recluse is one of the best known mountain biking model out there. The best price for this model is not bad either considering the benefits, adding to its popularity. We were quite hyped to review this bike mode, considering the praises it gets from pro bikers. So here goes our review.

These mountain bikes have notable design features, including 140mm rear and 150mm front travel combined with the brand’s own JS Tuned suspension. The model is built with these choices to climb more efficiently. The descents are well managed too. Our reviewers found it a breeze to climb sloped with Recluse bikes. It’s not that the bikes offer more support, but the components are geared to make climbing as hassle free as possible. This is a major advantage with experienced riders.

These bikes are incredibly versatile as they are capable. They are particularly good for tough climbs. We initially thought this model is for mid travel. However, after testing, we can say that this is an all mountain bike model. Intense has definitely upgraded the bike’s geometry from precious Spider and Tracer models, which makes Recluse far more superior. We could even tackle chunky and steel ascents confidently. This is largely thanks to the seat which favors a centered position.

The descents were not as easy as climbing. The cyclist needs to be quite experienced and skilled to handle steep descents on these bikes. Nevertheless, if you are a mountain biking enthusiast, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t like this model.

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  • Designed for efficient climbing
  • Seat angled to favor center position
  • High-end components

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  • Expensive model


The Verdict

Intense Recluse is the ideal bike model for mountain bikers who want to tackle steep and challenging trails. These bikes are uniquely designed to make climbing more efficient. Overall, the geometry is definitely upgraded from precious models of the brand. If you are serious about mountain biking, this model is definitely worth investing in.

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