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Intense ACV Review

Intense’s new range of plus-sized trailer bikes consists of two models: The ACV Foundation and the ACV Pro. So of course, for first impressions, I got cocky and decided to test the Pro.

First off, I have to say it is a stunning looking thing, uncomplicated and elegant in its poses. The construction is of a high quality as well. The frame is Intense’s monocoque UD carbon which offers between 130 and 115mm of travel. The fork is a Rockshox Pike RCT3 solo air with 150mm of travel. The brakes are SRAM Guide RSs which harbor formidable stopping power. And that is important because, despite the mostly carbon construction, the ACV is heavier than I expected at well over 12 kilograms. That is aluminum territory to be honest.

Considering it a plus-size bike and you will find the ACV is rather fast but it was designed more for having fun than winning races. Thanks to its DT Swiss M600, 40mm PLUS wheels and Maxxis Ikon, 27.5×2.8, Kevlar Bead, EXO TR tires, it is a very adept climber, so much so that I felt it renders the climb switches to be irrelevant most of the time. As it turns out, the actual production models will get the even more capable Maxxis Rekon tire.

Going downhill, the sensation is more fun than fast. And while critically, more speed would be appreciated, sometimes it really is the intangible things – the sensation of the speed and quality of the ride – that make a bike special. The ACV certainly isn’t cheap but it definitely has an enormous sense of fun about it that may just clinch the cash in your wallet.

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  • Huge fun factor
  • Efficient climber
  • Strong braking
  • Good looks

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  • Too heavy for a carbon frame and fork
  • Overpriced


The Verdict

The ACV is not the most impressive in technical terms but few can stand next to it with the sort of ride it can give you.

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