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Intense 951 Review

Intense 951’s most immediate competitor is the M9, known to be more stable with adjustable geometry. Our review found that lack of adjustable geometry is not a concern when it comes to this model.

Right off the bat, we noticed that this model is great for charging. Also, the looks are quite striking as well. We knew from the start that this is not ordinary bike. The maker can assembled all the components together so 951s have good chassis dimensions but don’t require constant maintenance. The overall design is low slung, though not at all slow. It’s easy to pick up speed this bike without much trying.

We noticed that a single pedal stroke can be very powerful is pushing the bike forward. Though this is an advantage while going uphill, things can get out of control fast downhill of one is not careful. We were quite disappointed with the brakes. Despite the good overall design, the brakes are not that good, especially when a situation requires heavy breaking.

Though this is not good for racing (holed swingarms and bad downtubes, need you know more?), it’s great for going on weekend getaways to the countryside.

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  • Excellent design geometry
  • Fast charge
  • Great specs

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  • Breaks are not as good as they should be
  • Going downhill can be a problem


The Verdict

Intense 951 is a solid bike suited for all kinds of adventures. The carbon built is ideal to handle many kinds of terrain.

The geometric design is perfect to handle the needs of an adventure. Though we do not recommend racing using this model, it’s ideal for long rides, short rides, leisurely ones and even everyday commuting.

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