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Are you in need of a durable and capable climber? If so, the Ibis Ripley will become the bike of your dreams in no time at all. This bike has a carbon frame and weighs a little over 11 kilos. The excellence of this bike is accommodated by its high price.

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Ibis Ripley 4 GX Eagle 2020 Steel
Ibis Ripley 4 GX Eagle 2020 Steel
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Ibis Ripley 4 NX Eagle 2020 Steel
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Ibis Ripley 4 SLX M7100 2020 Steel

Ibis Ripley Review

It is safe to say that the original Ripley had a lot to do with putting Ibis on the map. This bike, for most riders, was just what they had been waiting for. Of course, the design was far from perfect and there were some issues that needed to be addressed. Ibis has attempted to do this with the later versions of the Ripley.

We felt as though Ibis really had succeeded here. The Ripley managed to maintain some of its flagship components while really revving up on the ones that were needed. Here’s some insight into how this bike handles the trails.

Weighing in at a little over 11 kilos, the Ripley is neither light nor heavy. However, the weight is not even an issue as Ibis has made sure that the Ripley is an excellent climber. With only a smidgen of effort, you are going to be able to scale even the dodgiest of slopes with the greatest of ease. This is helped by the fact that the suspension on the Ripley is quite good as well. This bike hits the mountains hard and bounces away with nary a buzz. It definitely takes some of the shock of hitting rougher trails.

For the most part, we felt that this Ripley was just simply able to handle more than its predecessor. You are also probably be going to get a more technical ride out of it as well. True, you might have to spend a little on this Ibis Ripley, but if you are looking to cover some questionable terrain, then it is fully worth it. You will probably end up falling in love with this bike before the ride is even over.


  • Light frame
  • Great climbing experience
  • Good suspension
  • Able to handle rougher terrain
  • Good handling


  • Expensive

The Verdict

The Ibis Ripley is back and it is better than ever before. This is one of the best bikes to hit all kinds of terrain with.

The Ibis Ripley may be on the expensive side but in the end shows that it is completely worth its weight in gold.

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