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Hoy Napier is a children’s balance bike model. Unlike most balance bikes, this model is carefully designed after actual BMX bikes. These bikes are sturdy, colorful, and have great features that facilitate quick learning. The model is lightweight and has a big grab rail for parents. It’s quite affordable too.

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HOY Napier 2020 Balance
HOY Napier 2020 Balance

Hoy Napier Review

Hoy Napier is a balance bike model intended for kids. The model is highly suited to give the littlest of cyclists an exciting introduction to cycling. This is not a toy bike. It’s thoughtfully built just as any bike for older riders. Also, it doesn’t cost too much. You can get best prices for this model starting around $150.

Hoy has recently updated the Napier bikes with some new specs. It was previously available only in blue, but now you can buy it in red, green, and yellow too. These bikes have rather high quality components. The frames have decent rubbing, top-notch rims, and proper headsets. These types of components are not typically found in balance bikes. Hoy has upgraded the vertical rear dropouts, so the bikes are now easier to get on. We had several budding cyclists try out this model for review with their parents.

These bikes of course have low standover heights, so the reviewers found them really easy to get on. The saddle comes with a generous grab rail for the parent hold. Also, the grab rail makes the bike easy to carry for an adult. These bikes are definitely inspired by BMX bikes. Hoy is after all famous for BMX models. When riding, the bikes feel sturdy. We didn’t get any complaints from the bikes being too heavy from the reviewers. The top tube is also split, so the young riders didn’t have to fuss getting on.

These balance bikes don’t come with brakes, which is understandable but it would have been better with some stopping power.


  • Well built
  • Sturdy
  • Good grab rail
  • Comes in many colors
  • Inspired by adult BMXs
  • Affordable


  • No brakesli>

The Verdict

Hoy Napier is a surprisingly well built kids balance bike model. It’s thoughtfully designed to make getting on and getting off easy. It comes in a variety of colors that kids love as well. The bikes have large grab rails for the convenience of parents too. These bikes are sturdy, and are amazingly affordable too.

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